GenePeeks: More Human Than Ever?

By Matthew Chan Genetic modification has long composed the dreams and nightmares of humanity. Now, it’s spilling over into reality too. GenePeeks is an emerging company that has made a name with its controversial purpose – to apply theoretical outcomes of sperm-egg interactions in a process which sorts potential sperm…


A Not-So-Great Gatsby

By Minna Jaffery Baz Luhrmann has done some great work, no one can deny that. However, he’s also known for his overdone style. All of this fell flat in The Great Gatsby. As someone who has basically had the novel memorized for years now, I was hoping that Luhrmann’s style…

Egypt Refugees

Egypt’s Silver Lining

By Marika Van Laan Over the last couple of years, Egypt has been making headlines due to its political and economic instability. Tourism has reached a record low as foreigners consider the country too dangerous for vacation and foreign investment has screeched to a halt. However, as the popular press…


India’s Tourism Drop: How “Eve Teasing” Brings Down a Tourism Industry

By Jacqueline Nesbitt Each day a new rape case surfaces in India. Last Monday a 5-year-old girl was raped found gagged and tied with foreign objects found inside her, on Wednesday a 2 1/2 – year-old girl was found in a canal in Southwest Delhi, raped as well. Stories of…

James Holmes

James Holmes and Our Hypocritical Use of the Death Penalty

By Laurie Beckoff Debate about capital punishment has been ongoing for years around the world.  Many countries abolished it entirely in the last century, yet it remains extremely common in others.  Thirty-one states still have the death penalty, albeit not without protest from some corners.  The arguments against it are…


Legacy of the Sexless Individual

By Michaela Cross The legacy of the sexless intellectual is one that has dogged American history and has colored entirely the reputation of the University of Chicago. Blame the Puritans, Descartes, or John Wayne, but at some point America came up with the idea that sex had to be separated…

Academy Awards

The 85th Academy Awards: Who Will Bring Home an Oscar?

Osita Nwanevu The Oscars are upon us and it is once again time for amateur critics everywhere to send in their (largely arbitrary) predictions. Overall, the night promises fewer surprises than years past but will still be well worth watching…for the last hour or so anyways. Here are my picks….


Let’s Bring Back Lupercalia

By Laurie Beckoff The traditions of Valentine’s Day are wonderful to some and obnoxious to others: pink and red, hearts everywhere, cards, cheesy poems, flowers, chocolate.  If nothing else, you have to like the chocolate.  But I propose that this year we celebrate a much more enjoyable holiday that coincides…

broken heart

A Short, Bitter Guide for the Loneliest Valentine’s Day

Osita Nwanevu Valentine’s Day is upon us.  For most people, this is a day to celebrate lovers and loving. I, however, and others like me, choose to celebrate loneliness. For Valentine’s Day is a day owned as much by the melodramatically sad as it is by couples. Moping, sighing, crying…