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The Tofte Osmotic Power Plant in Norway (NatGeo)

Osmotic Power and the Wild Blue Yonder

By Jonathan Morris Green energy is all the rage to the point that companies like Airbus and Walmart market themselves and their products as healthy for the environment, despite questionable realities. We can all agree, though, that environmentally sustainable energy production and waste reduction is


Reflections on Reverend Robert Nugent

By Angela Moon Reverend Robert Nugent, a greatly revered pastor of the Catholic Church, passed away from lung cancer at the beginning of January. His death was greatly mourned by the LGBT community, with whom he worked very closely to mend their unstable relationship with


Auto-Tuning Rock Music

By Jonathan Morris Old school rockers are still in business, or so one would think from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance alongside Bruno Mars at Super Bowl XLVIII.  A thirty-one year old rock band from old LA, the Chilis remain a distinct element of

Air Pollution

Is Environmental Activism On the Rise in China?

By Angela Moon The unbearable choke-inducing smog in Beijing and other Chinese cities has become so much worse in recent years, but unlike the past Chinese citizens are refusing to settle for it. From current signs of increased civilian action and government efforts, as well


GenePeeks: More Human Than Ever?

By Matthew Chan Genetic modification has long composed the dreams and nightmares of humanity. Now, it’s spilling over into reality too. GenePeeks is an emerging company that has made a name with its controversial purpose – to apply theoretical outcomes of sperm-egg interactions in a


A Not-So-Great Gatsby

By Minna Jaffery Baz Luhrmann has done some great work, no one can deny that. However, he’s also known for his overdone style. All of this fell flat in The Great Gatsby. As someone who has basically had the novel memorized for years now, I

Egypt Refugees

Egypt’s Silver Lining

By Marika Van Laan Over the last couple of years, Egypt has been making headlines due to its political and economic instability. Tourism has reached a record low as foreigners consider the country too dangerous for vacation and foreign investment has screeched to a halt.