Do We Need a New Nobel Peace Prize?

By Marika Van Laan On October 11 the world received news of 2013’s Nobel peace prize winner. The Norwegian Nobel committee announced its decision to recognize the OPCW, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This global watchdog was a major force behind pressure on Assad for sarin gas attacks and thus a catalyst…


India’s Tourism Drop: How “Eve Teasing” Brings Down a Tourism Industry

By Jacqueline Nesbitt Each day a new rape case surfaces in India. Last Monday a 5-year-old girl was raped found gagged and tied with foreign objects found inside her, on Wednesday a 2 1/2 – year-old girl was found in a canal in Southwest Delhi, raped as well. Stories of…


On the New Delhi Rape and India

By Michaela Cross On December 16th, in New Delhi, a young woman got on a bus. When she came out she was bloodied, naked, and dying. On December 17th she was famous in India. And days later she was known throughout the world. Four days before  the un-named woman boarded…


The Future of Drones: Obama and Pakistan

The election is over, and though we can still hear the sounds of the masses chanting “Four more years!,” the time has come to focus on what comes next. While many of us breathe sighs of relief as we can rest assured that Governor Romney will stay in Massachusetts, the…

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India: The Year is 1991

By Akshat Goel The year is 1991. The thick-browed, scholarly technocrat sits at the elegant teak-wood desk, the spacious office in the North Block of New Delhi’s administrative buildings silent except for the scratching of his fountain pen on successive sheets of textured, cream-colored paper. His turbaned head turns to…


Russian Religious Rows and Incendiary India

By Akshat Goel, courtesy of the University of Chicago Undergraduate Law Review The religiosity of Indian politics makes me uncomfortable. Governmental meddling in issues of law makes me even more uncomfortable. The Indian government meddling in another country’s legal process and using dubious methods of diplomatic strong-arming makes me most…


Images of a Modern Megapolis

Where do the myths associated with cities come from? How do you pin down the identity of a place?


No one to inspire India’s New Urban Youth

The new urban youth, for all its flash, for all its rebellion, has failed to produce politicians.


Interview with Dr. Aisha Sethi

On the way to the epicenter of Pakistan’s flooded areas I saw massive villages flattened out, crop destruction, and electric supplies affected.